Can’t remeber to forget you

I know all the drama that has been between us.

I remember. all the insults, all the acusations, all the hard words that came out of your mouth, and yet I remember all the other moments that we shared, just you and me. I remember your smell, the sensation of your skin over mine, the kisses that covered every part of me.

Your are still in my dreams at night, you’re still in my fantasies. I still can’t imagine having somebody else in my bed, receving someone else’s kisses and hugs. You gave me the entire world and then you took it away.

It’s the past rewinding every moment all over again for me, it’s like there is no present and no future, only the same painful past repeating itself to infinity. But thats just my reality, your’s is very different, you moved forward, your received another one in your bed, you kissed and huged another her.

And inspide of all that I CAN’T REMEMBER TO FORGET YOU!


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